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    • Anti - inflammatory: Prevents and decreases tissue inflammation. Combats rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint inflammation; bursitis, tendinitis, sprains ...
    • Anti - oxidizer: To combat all diseases caused by oxidants; Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes ...
    • Antiemetic: Good against nausea
    • Anti - coagulant: Inhibits the coagulation of blood, creating an antithrombotic or prohaemorrhagic state
    • Anti - depressive: To combat depression naturally, such as omega 3
    • Anxiolytic: Reduces anxiety, a perfect natural tranquilizer


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  • Best cannabis light CBD strains with THC under 1%
    • Dinamed PLUS CBD de Dinafem seeds, CBD therapy CBD crew, Cannatonic Resin seeds, Swiss dream kannabia seeds, Solodiol and Sedativa CBDV Elite seeds, charlotte’s web, ACDC, v1, strawberry, erdbeerli, harlequin, suzy q, blue dream CBD, avidekel, Swiss remedy, etc.
  • European certified industrial hemp strains
    • Antal, Armanca, Beniko, Bialobrzeskie, Cannakomp, Carma, Carmagnola, Carmaleonte, chamaeleon, Codimono, CS, Dacia Secuieni, Delta IIosa, Delta 405, Denise, Diana, Diocia 88, Eletta campana, Epsilon 68, Fedora 17, Felina 32, Ferimon, Fibranova, Fibrante, Fibrol, Fibror, Finola, Futura 75, Glyana, henola marfil, KC Bonusz, KC Dora, KC Virtus, KC Zuzana, Kompolti, Kompolti hibrid, TC, Lipko, Lovrin 110, Marcello, monoica, Rajan, Ratza, Santhica 23, Santhica 27, Santhica 70, Secuieni Jubileu, Silvana, Succesiv, Szarvasi, Tiborszallasi, Tisza, tygra, Uniko B, Uso-31, Villanova, wielkopolskie, Wojko y zenit.