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Legal marijuana

You can now buy legal marijuana buds in our online store in Spain. Our CBD cannabis flowers have legal THC levels less than 0.2% and high levels of the rest of medicinal cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc).

We seek to lead R & D aimed at quality and we carry out money return promotions among others if you find a seed, therefore our buds are 100% seedless, plants imported from Switzerland for indoor growing, greenhouse and outdoor, organic, organic or chemicals with substrate on the ground or hydroponics, treated in laboratories where THC levels are lowered, maintaining all odors and flavors with the terpenes intact and without added terpenes that vaguely simulate any odor.

This online store makes available to those who can not grow their own marijuana plants with CBD, buying and selling these flowers and cannabis buds with CBD that have all the benefits of cannabis and are totally legal.

The flowers and buds of industrial hemp with CBD can not be consumed by infusion for hemp tea, vaporizer, etc. They are of aromatic use.

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